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Code of Residents Rights

Retirement Villages Code of Residents Rights (pdf 59KB)

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 also includes a Code of Residents’ Rights. A summary of these are (please go to the Act for the full wording link to ) :

  • The right to services and other benefits promised in the Occupation Right Agreement
  • The right to information to anything affecting the terms and conditions of your residency
  • The right to be consulted by the operator about proposed changes to the services and benefits provided or the charges you pay that might have a material impact on your occupancy or your ability to pay
  • The right to complain and receive a response within a reasonable time
  • The right to a speedy and efficient process for resolving disputes
  • The right to have a support person to represent you in your dealings with the operator or other residents
  • The right to be treated with courtesy and respect by the operator, the staff and contractors
  • The right not to be exploited by the operator, the staff or contractors.

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