Code of Residents Rights

Retirement Villages Code of Residents Rights (pdf 59KB)

The Retirement Villages Act 2003 also includes a Code of Residents' Rights. A summary of these are (please go to the Act for the full wording link to ) :

  • The right to services and other benefits promised in the Occupation Right Agreement
  • The right to information to anything affecting the terms and conditions of your residency
  • The right to be consulted by the operator about proposed changes to the services and benefits provided or the charges you pay that might have a material impact on your occupancy or your ability to pay
  • The right to complain and receive a response within a reasonable time
  • The right to a speedy and efficient process for resolving disputes
  • The right to have a support person to represent you in your dealings with the operator or other residents
  • The right to be treated with courtesy and respect by the operator, the staff and contractors
  • The right not to be exploited by the operator, the staff or contractors.

Residents Committees

Residents committees can be an integral and beneficial part of retirement village life. Whether you are part of a small village or living within a village of several hundred residents, a committee can help in assisting other residents, foster social occasions and activities or raise village operational issues with village management.

The Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 states;

"Residents have the right to form a residents' committee and agree their own rules for running the committee." (Clause 30.1)

To help residents in either the setup or running of a residents committee, the RVRANZ (in conjunction with the Retirement Commission), has produced a handbook that is available for download here.

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