Rates Rebates Webinar 29 June 2022

Retirement village residents with a Licence to Occupy are eligible in 2021/22 for the Government's full Rates Rebate of $665 if their income is $26,510 pa or less. If their income is over $26,510 they may be still eligible, but the amount of the rebate decreases with higher incomes and the quantum of rates paid. The new threshold amounts for 2022/23 will be set in mid-June.

The rebate is very welcome income boost for residents who rely on their national superannuation. There is a process you need to go through to ensure the rebate is paid correctly to income-eligible residents, and the webinar with Vaughan Millar and Haley Reynolds from the Department of Internal Affairs will give you the tools to make sure they receive it.

Click HERE to download the webinar presentation slides 

Click HERE to download a Rates Rebate Poster 

Click HERE to download the 2022/23 Rates Rebate Application Form 

Click HERE to download the Rates Rebate Declaration Form  

(webinar starts at 2mins 15seconds)


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