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Benefits of RVA Membership

With the rapidly-growing number of retirement villages around the country, residents have plenty of choice where to live. It’s important your village stands out and one way to achieve that is through RVA membership and the accreditation process. Your village’s accreditation means that you’re are as good as you say you are and that your village complies with the legislation governing retirement villages. RVA membership is a quality brand and you’ll enjoy special opportunities with many of our supplier companies, recognition from Government agencies and from your peers in the sector.

Specific benefits include :

  • Fortnightly emails updating you on the issues facing retirement village operators as well as news and items of interest;
  • A free employment management service and advice via Advicewise People. The 0800 number provides RVA members with unlimited free advice on any employment-related topic.
  • Regular Manager Forums where you will be able to network with colleagues and learn first- hand about activities the RVA is involved in on your behalf;
  • Regular Financial, Not-for-profit and Independent sector forums where members can discuss issues relevant to them. Financial Sector Forums are held in Auckland and are usually attended by around 100 delegates from all over the country.
  • Lobbying the Government to ensure consultation regarding legislation and Government policy. We have been successful in a number of areas as outlined in the current month’s policy summary;
  • Assistance with compliance with the Retirement Villages Act 2003 and associated regulations through a range of model policy and procedures documents;
  • An annual industry conference attracting over 200 delegates and including a comprehensive trade show;
  • Education seminars for members and staff. For example, we hold seminars on the RV Code of Practice around the country;
  • Maintaining a positive public relations profile within the Retirement Industry. For example, use the membership to promote your business, be seen at your Regional Meetings, network at the National Forums, attend conference as an exhibitor or Delegate. Take advantage of placing advertising or editorials in the RVA Newsletter that now circulates to over 1230 readers. Talk to the RVA about Sponsorship opportunities and be willing to become involved in an Industry that is growing strongly.
  • Bulk purchasing schemes for various goods and services as outlined in the member benefits booklet
  • Value-added benefits for residents such as no-excess home and contents insurance, and a free specialist lifestyle magazine called Best of Times;
  • A mentoring programme to assist villages with problems (we want you to succeed);
  • A comprehensive member database providing quality data about the sector and an interactive website with a Members-only section.

We are regularly adding new benefits all the time, so this list is not comprehensive.

Download April 2016_March 2017 Village Membership Application
Download the April 2016 - March 2017 Associate Membership Application Form

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