Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 - Variations included April 2017

Click here to download the CoP 2008 Variations Included April 2017

All registered retirement villages in New Zealand must comply with the Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008. The Code sets out the minimum standards for a village’s operation. These standards include, but are not limited to:

  • Documents operators must provide intending residents;
  • Policies and procedures, induction process for staff and new residents, when an operator can access a resident’s home;
  • Staffing policies and procedures;
  • Written safety and security policies;
  • Fire and emergency procedures;
  • Process to transfer residents in the village;
  • Frequency and conduct of meetings, rights to consultation;
  • The Village Complaint and Dispute process;
  • How residents’ accounts should be handled;
  • How to deal with maintenance and repairs in the common property and individual homes;
  • Termination of an agreement, including the marketing and sale;
  • Communication with residents.

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