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The Retirement Villages Association offers two types of membership:

Villages - Provisional and Accredited Member

Provisional membership is granted to new member villages, which can either be an established village but is new to the RVA, or a village under development. Provisional membership is the first step towards becoming an accredited member, which occurs after the village passes its first audit against the Code of Practice.

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Non villages - Associate Membership

Associate members are organisations or individuals who are supplying goods and services to the retirement village industry, or who have a particular interest in the sector but who are not operating a village in their own right.

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RVA Standards of the Association

From time to time the RVA implements minimum standards for member villages to meet. These standards are higher than those set out in legislation and are intended to ensure that the RVA establishes, promotes and maintains standards for all member villages. This demonstrates effective industry self-management as well as promoting the interests and good reputation of Member villages and their residents.

Clause 7.1.4 in the RVA's Constitution allows the Association's Executive Committee to "prepare and update as necessary a Code of Practice and Standards of the Association as the Executive shall determine from time to time." To maintain Provisional and Accredited membership of the Association, as those terms are defined in the Association's constitution, members will be audited against the Standards.

The following standards must be met to maintain Provisional and Accredited membership of the Association:

  1. Compliance with the Retirement Villages Act 2003, the related regulations promulgated under that Act, the Retirement Villages Code of Practice (as amended from time to time) and the Code of Residents' Rights ("the legislation")
  2. Completion of, and provision to all intending residents, of a Summary of Key Terms; and
  3. Compliance with Best Practice Guidelines for Disclosure of the Right to Transfer to Care within a Retirement Village.
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